This boy, Ai needs your help to find a forever family!

This precious little boy’s file is marked “Special Focus,” which means he can be matched to a family at ANY stage in the adoption process!  However, he will age out as of his 14th birthday so he needs a family who already has a dossier logged into China, families eligible for returning special focus or a family that is nearly finished with their dossier.  Please help spread the word, and let’s find this little guy a family!!


Dang Ai Guo1 2013-7-30 1

Male, DOB 8/30/2000

Post-operative congenital heart disease

Ai is a very bright and very cheerful boy.  He loves to talk, sing, and write.  He is polite to people.  Before, because of the trouble with his heart disease, his physical development in various aspects was greatly affected.  Compared with his peers, he was shorter and smaller, and his body was thin.  His activity was also limited.  Now it’s no longer the same, and since his reparative heart surgery, his body has visibly grown much taller and much chubbier.  His favorite activities are swinging, soccer, and other outdoor activities.  He loves to eat all kinds of food and is not picky.  He wakes up at 6:30 am each day and helps the nannies do some tasks within his own abilities.  He also knows to help care for the younger brothers and sisters.  He is never picky and loves to eat vegetables and wheat-based food.  He loves bananas.  Normally he loves to exercise and also likes to watch cartoons.

Ai is very well-mannered and he is very obedient.  He is a very caring child.  There are times when there are 6 or 7 people outside playing and Ai will play and go back and forth and after a few minutes, he will come out from the room with several yogurts and pass one out to each person and at that time, we know that even though Ai doesn’t like to talk, his heart is brilliant and he can share his joy which is very hard to come by.

Dang Ai Guo 4.10.13 (3)


Parenting the Hurt Child: a TBRI® Class

With more and more children coming home to forever families, CCAI continues to provide post adoption training and support to families.  In March, we began our 8 week class addressing how to parent and support children with a history of trauma, which includes almost all children who join families after foster care or adoption.  The class so far is going wonderfully, with families enjoying learning new skills and ways to interact with their children.

The weekend of April 4 and 5, several CCAI team members took this valuable training to Wyoming, to present the training to both professionals who work with the foster care and adoption systems, and also to families who are parenting these children.  About 15 professionals and 20 parents were present for the training – a huge success!

Are you interested in attending the class?  Here are the particulars:

-        Parenting the Hurt Child is a class based on the TBRI® model developed by TCU’s Institute of Child Development.  This is a parenting style that works with biological, foster, and adopted children.

-        The class helps families deal with the difficulties of parenting children who have a difficult history, including attachment and behavioral challenges.

-        Our next opportunity for the class is a two-day camp/conference for both parents and children. Our hope is that this will enable families outside the Denver area to attend if they would like.  The class will meet June 27-28 from 9AM-4PM.  Cost is $400 per family (with an additional charge for three or more children).  Contact to register and save a space.

This class is life changing.  If you are parenting a child and find yourself struggling with behavior challenges, missing the joy of being with your child, or wanting a deeper connection, this class is for you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to attend!

Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip

Adopteen‘s Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip came to an end last night as all 16 travelers flew home on that oh-so-fun 14+ hour flight, back to five different states. The trip was a HUGE success and, needless to say, the entire group grew extremely close in the 10 days they spent in China. It was definitely hard to say goodbye…

Although it was a smaller group, the 16 travelers altogether raised a incredible grand total of more than $3500 for the Nanchang Orphanage and were able to help purchase some much-needed supplies for the orphanage!  Everything from cribs to air conditioning units to food processors to DVD players… Nanchang Orphanage was thrilled!

The Spring 2014 AGBOST was such an incredible, beautiful, brave, and inspiring group of ladies (no gents this time). Nanchang Orphanage was just as wonderful and the nannies and children were all so fun — a few of the nannies even cooked for several of the travelers and challenged them to a game of badminton! :D

The group had the opportunity to work with children as young as 2 months up to 18 years. Words cannot even come close to explaining how life-changing this trip was for all of the travelers. Thank you to everyone who donated to this life-changing trip and supported the travelers on their journey!

If you would like to look at some photos of the Spring 2014 AGBOST, you can search #AGBOST2014 on Instagram, or visit this lovely photo album.

The group was lead by Adopteen Director, Amy Zhong, and adoption therapist, Eli Harwood.  Thank you to CCAI President, Joshua Zhong, the wonderful guides, Amber, Sissi, and Evelyn, and all of the wonderful Nanchang Orphanage nannies and teachers for their mentorship and guidance!

JCCC Retirement Dance Performance Spreads Joy


On Saturday afternoon, two dance classes from the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center went to Emeritus at Roslyn senior living community to perform for their residents. A group of the residents had bought tickets to attend the JCCC Chinese New Year Celebration back in January but were unable to make it due to the snowy weather, so we brought some of the performances to them! The Peacock Dance and the Yi Minority Dance performed for the residents. Everyone enjoyed the dances and learning about Chinese dance and culture. We received so many compliments after the performance and the dancers had a blast as well! Check out more pictures of the event on our JCCC Facebook page at at the retirement home

Spring Heritage Tour


We have just wrapped up our Spring 2014 Heritage Tour to China! Twenty three families took part in this incredible trip of a lifetime. During their travels, the group was able to tour such famous sites as the Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Giant Panda Reserve in Chengdu, and the Li River in Guilin. This trip was not only an opportunity for a great family vacation, but also provided the 26 adoptees involved with a chance to connect with some of the richest parts of Chinese culture. Schedules were filled with elaborate meals, tea sampling, concerts highlighting traditional music and dance, as well as, quality time for adoptees to bond and build friendships with each other.


Families that have chosen to travel to their specific orphanages or hometowns after the main tour are now taking part in their individualized part of Heritage Tour. We believe that this time is memorable and significant for each family and we look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing pictures from those returning soon!

We still have openings for our June and July tours!  To find out more information about either of those tours, visit the main Heritage Tour portion of our website!

Women of the Red Hat Society

Red Hat SocietyLast Saturday afternoon, the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center had the privilege of hosting the distinguished women of the Red Hat Society. This was the first Red Hat Society chapter that JCCC has hosted! They toured CCAI and learned more about adoption. All of the women were very interested in the current needs of orphans and how CCAI helps families through the adoption process. They learned about different kinds of Chinese tea and then were able to sample four different types of freshly brewed tea. All the women participated in learning the art of Chinese paper cutting and chose to either make a panda, flower, or Chinese character to bring home. Many wanted to bring home the template to teach their grandchildren how to cut out the beautiful and delicate designs! The favorite activity of the afternoon was learning how to make Chinese dumplings and of course, tasting them! Each woman also received a Chinese dumpling recipe to take home to try.

JCCC and the women of the Red Hat Society had a wonderful time learning and laughing together. We hope to have the honor of hosting many more groups like these wonderful ladies and sharing with them the beauty of Chinese culture!

China Older Orphan Hosting Program: Summer!

Back in September last year, we announced our Older Orphan Hosting Program for China with our exciting new collaboration with Project 143.

We are excited to say Project 143 has posted their new photo listings for the children in China’s orphanages who are ready to be hosted this summer!  To view the photo listings, please register at

How does CCAI and Project 143′s collaboration work, exactly?

Well, in hosting a child, some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host, and find that this is a great opportunity!  If you choose to host a child through Project 143 and want to make sure that he/she becomes a permanent member of your family, then CCAI can assist you as your placing agency!

For more information on hosting an older orphan this summer, you can check out Project 143’s website at   They are also on Facebook. :)

CCAI’s first Charity Newletter: The Life-Changer Vol.1

Introducing the very first edition of Life-Changer!  Our Children Charity Team will be publishing quarterly reports on all the fantastic projects going on on the other side of the world.  What are your incredible donations accomplishing?  Let’s find out!

Life-Changer Vol 1-1 Life-Changer Vol 1-2 Life-Changer Vol 1-3

Lily’s Treasures – Dou


In the link below, you will find information about this wonderful boy, Dou.  Dou has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he needs a home :)

Dou 1.2.2005

This child is on our agency’s list and we are hoping you will help spread the word about him!  This child needs a loving home and we would appreciate your help in advocating for him with the goal that this child may find their forever family.  We have a complete file for this child including pictures, background and medical information that we would be happy to share with interested and qualified families.  Let’s work together to help improve this child’s life and find the family he deserves!

Please note: CCAI will require that interested families fill out a Family Information Sheet before looking at the file so that we may check their qualifications against the requirements of the CCCWA.  There is no fee to view the file.  CCAI only shares a file with one family at a time and we process the families in the order in which we receive their request.  CCAI will only share the file directly with families.

Please respond to if you would like to view the child’s file or please pass along this information if you know someone who is interested!