IL Adoption Reform Bill HB 3079

Illinois’ current adoption laws make the already difficult and time-consuming process to adopt internationally even more so. In the majority of states, once a family’s home study is written by a licensed social worker, they are free to move on to the next step in bringing their new child home. However, in Illinois, as well as in a handful of other states, the home study must first be approved by a state agency. The difference is that in other states, the system is functional and while it does add a little time, things keep moving. This is not the case for Illinois, where approvals are done by one person, the Intercountry Adoption Coordinator.  By assigning  the approval process  to a single person, the approval process takes longer and is also subject to the biases of the person holding the position. There have been many instances of families being required to provide extensive additional documentation in addition to an already positive home study. Currently, wait times for home studies to be approved are running at least five weeks in Illinois.

The citizens of Illinois have a chance to change this unnecessary and time-consuming step!  An adoption reform bill, HB 3079, is slated to be heard by the House Committee on Adoption on Thursday, March 26. An amendment (choose the link to amendment 001 at the top of the link to the full text of the bill) has been added to remove the position of the Intercountry Adoption Coordinator as well as the need for home studies to be approved by the state.  If this is passed, IL families with approved home studies written by licensed social workers could move immediately to submitting the I-800A!

In order for the committee to approve the bill to be submitted to the IL House, WE need to let them know that we support this bill. Please call or write you Adoption Committee members before Thursday to voice your opinion and do your part to help children join their families sooner.

Adoption Committee members:


Thank you to Elizabeth Curry for writing this article and spreading the word. Please visit to read more about the issue.

Another Summer Hosting Opportunity!


Jin is a quiet little guy who is 9 years old and will turn 10 this summer. How wonderful that you could be with him to celebrate his birthday! He is in 2nd grade. He really likes to jump rope, likes the movie Transformers and watching the Ultraman cartoon and playing with remote control airplanes. He likes dogs and is fine with other children in the host family. Additional photos are available in our photolisting.

Signup for Summer Hosting continues. Would your family consider sharing your home and love by hosting an orphaned child from China?

Register to see all the available children here:

Summer Hosting Opportunity

Kun is a special boy with a great smile! He is well-behaved and gets along well with others. He is in first grade at a deaf school and showed us that he can add and subtract numbers up to 20. Additional photos and video are available in our photolisting. Signup for summer hosting continues. Would your family consider sharing your home and love by hosting an orphaned child from China? Register to see all the available children here:

A Family Forever Changed by Hosting…..

As we continue looking for families that might be interested in hosting a Chinese orphan this summer, we want to share with you how the hosting program has forever changed the lives of one of our families and a 6-year-old orphan-no-more!

hosting reunion 6

Last summer, the White Family decided to open their hearts and home to an adorable 6-year-old boy. During hosting, they realized he was meant to be their son!

When their hosting time was up, they had to temporarily say goodbye, but knew that they would see this dear little boy again very soon, in China. They immediately rushed to complete their dossier and, this past week… the White Family reunited with their little boy!!

From Mom:

“We have been home a little less than a week with our new son that we hosted last summer. He is doing amazing. We took our entire family to China this trip to get our new son. We felt since we had all met him and loved him that it would be wonderful for us all to be there on Gotcha Day. It was such a blessing!!! Thank you so much for the time you put into helping these children.”

The White Family has graciously shared pictures from their heartwarming reunion and adoption day! Are they not the most beautiful pictures??

Having placed over 11,000 children in our short history, we never tire of seeing this absolutely incredible moment captured in photos. Thank you to the White Family for sharing a little piece of their story with us! We are over the moon with excitement for your new family! <3

Please contact us at if you feel the call to host an orphan this summer.

CCAI Staff: Sheri Celebrates 1000th Group!

Here at CCAI, we like to celebrate as many milestones as we can — both personal and communal!  Today, on this beautiful First Day of Spring, our Travel Department Manager, Sheri, has officially worked with 1000 groups (3000+ families!)!!!


Our Colorado office celebrated with a delicious red velvet cake and Sheri wanted to say a quick thank you to all of the amazing, loving, beautiful families who she has had the honor of serving in her journey with CCAI!


Summer Hosting Opportunity

Fen is 10 years old, knows Pinyin, can count from 1-100 and likes to draw and fold papers. He says his friends would describe him as FUNNY. Additional photos and video are available in our photolisting. Signup for summer hosting continues. Would your family consider sharing your home and love by hosting an orphaned child from China? Register to see all the available children here:

Around Your Community: Georgia Tech China Care Club

We hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful weather! It’s finally Spring!  Friends and Families living in the Greater Atlanta Area, you might be interested in checking out this program!

GT China Care ClubGeorgia Tech’s China Care Club has been in full swing and many of our local families have participated in their great playgroups.  China Care Club gives young adoptees an opportunity to learn about Chinese Culture and play some fun games with Georgia Tech’s students who are passionate about China!  Some students are adoptees themselves!

China Care’s next playgroup will be coming up in a little over a week. In celebration of the great weather, they will be having a scavenger hunt around campus, followed by various outdoor crafts which include making wind socks and decorating a banner for their upcoming Charity Dinner. It’s going to be TONS of fun!

Date: Sunday, March 29th
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm.
Location: Tech Green
Parking: You can park around the Student Center

If you are interested in attending the playgroup, they ask that you RSVP by filling out this quick form:

You can also contact China Care Club’s club president, Yan Zheng:

Yan Zheng
Industrial Engineering Major
Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 706.877.3117

Learn more about Georgia Tech’s China Care Club at

Lily Orphan Care Centers

The Charity team has been hard at work in Zhengzhou preparing to open the third room of the Zhengzhou Lily Orphan Care Center. Through the blessings of very generous donors, ten precious babies with medical needs will be welcomed into this room this month and provided with tender loving care.

The Charity team is also helping to establish a new Lily Orphan Care Center at the AnYang Social Welfare Institute thanks to the sponsorship of Mary Swanson and other CCAI donors.  The staff at the Zhengzhou LOCC has provided training to the new AnYang nannies and CCAI will send the Charity team to oversee the opening this spring.

As a charity, our goal is to reach out to the children still waiting in orphanages and we know this work would not be possible without your support.  For more information about these projects and other opportunities to partner with us please visit


3 room of ZhengZhou LOCC 1ZZ LOCC sleeping room

ZZ LOCC  bath room

Spring 2015 Adoptee Panel


This past weekend, we hosted a quick Adoptee Panel to help promote our amazing bi-annual Adoptee Panel opportunities!  Every Spring and Fall, CCAI invites anyone and everyone interested in a conversation about adoption and the adoptee experience to join our wonderful young adult adoptee panelists for an afternoon of productive conversation.

A HUGE thank you to our panelists; Elle-Han, Claire, Jenny, Perri, Jade, Taylor, and Ari for graciously volunteering their Pi Day to share their opinions!

If you missed our Spring Adoptee Panel this weekend, please feel free to view the livestream recording on our CCAI Livestream Channel!  The video will be available for the next month.

A higher-quality recording of the panel will be made available for viewing in April.

Our Fall Adoptee Panel will take place on September 19, 2015.  We’ll have a new room and a much deeper conversation.  Be sure you don’t miss out!

The Adoptee Panels are free events put on in collaboration between CCAI’s Joyous Center/Post Adoption Center and Adopteen to help raise awareness of such fantastic programs such as those run by Adopteen.

Please consider donating to Adopteen if you would like to see more events and opportunities like our Adoptee Panels!  Simply visit

Good Morning! Our Spring Adoptee Panel Starts in 30 Minutes!

Gooooood morning and Happy Pi Day! Join us this morning for a fun and productive conversation with some amazing individuals! Our ADOPTEE PANEL starts at 12:30pm ET / 11:30am CT / 10:30am MT / 9:30am PT

Please join us in person at the CCAI Colorado office or online at!

This event is FREE! Hope to see you there!