Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program is Here!

Have you ever thought about hosting an older child?

CCAI, with the support of P143, is continuing our Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program from China!

The Winter 2014-2015 photo listing is NOW OPEN!  Pre-register today at www.projectonefortythree.org to see the orphans from Latvia who are available to stay with your family for 4 weeks this winter.  More children from China will be added in the next few days, and children from Ukraine will be added soon, so bookmark the photo listing and return often!

This is a truly remarkable way to make a difference in an orphan’s life over the holidays!  If you see a child you are interested in hosting this winter, contact the P143 team immediately. Many of the children will be placed on hold VERY QUICKLY!  Contact numbers are in the photo listing.

Why Should I Consider Hosting?

Families choose to host for a variety of reasons.  Some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host.  Although not all children in this program are available for adoption, many children are.  Additionally, CCAI can assist you as your placing agency should you host a child through Project 143 and then want to consider the possible adoption of that child!

Can CCAI Help Me if I am Considering Hosting?

If you live in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, or Florida then we can assist you with your home safety check, which is a part of the hosting process!  If, in the course of hosting a child, you would like to pursue adoption, CCAI can serve as your placement agency, as well!

For more information on hosting a child from China, Latvia, or Ukraine this winter, please check out Project 143’s website at www.p143.org.

China Heritage Tours – A Reflection on 2014 and Announcements for 2015

We had three extraordinary heritage tours in 2014 with almost 400 travelers!  117 families traveled to Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin and Yangshuo for 10 incredible days while connecting with some of the richest parts of Chinese culture!


They visited many famous sites including the Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Giant Panda Reserve in Chengdu, and the Li River in Guilin.  The trip was jam packed with wonderful Chinese cuisine, tea sampling, shows highlighting traditional music and dance, as well as, quality time for the kids to bond and build friendships with each other.


We received so many heart-warming compliments from families:

  • “The value of the trip far exceeded the cost!”
  • “A trip of a life time! A wonderful gift for the adoptee, worth every cent”
  • “The whole tour was extremely well laid out and planned. We got to see a tremendous amount in a short time. It was tiring but definitely worth it.”
  • “We felt very prepared for the trip. It is a physically challenging trip with lots of changing of places and hotels, but we were prepared. It was wonderful.”
  • “We loved everything about the trip. From the size of the groups, the sites, the activities, etc. We thank everyone for their part in making this trip a reality for us. It exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The only bad part……it’s over!”
  • “Thank you so much for this opportunity. All in all it was a wonderful trip and the highlight for me was the magic of seeing my daughter begin to reconnect with her homeland. This trip helped her recognize the connection she’ll always have between her Chinese roots and her American life. She says she can’t wait to go back again!”


We are SO glad everyone had such a good time!

As these trips have been such a success this year, we are delighted to be able to announce four more tours for the upcoming year!  As in the past, China adoptees of all ages are FREE for in-China tours!

2015 Heritage Tour Schedule

Spring Schedule:  March 29, 2015 – April 8, 2015

Summer Schedule:  June 14, 2015 – 24, 2015  AND  July 19, 2015 – 29, 2015

Winter Schedule:  December 23, 2015 – January 2, 2016

Some incredible highlights of the 2015 tours will be:

  • Ten days and five spectacular cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Guilin and Yangshuo.
  • Visit the mystical CCCWA (formerly CCAA), climb the Great Wall, tour the Forbidden City, be awed by the Terra Cotta Soldiers, hold a giant panda, cruise the poetic Li River, enjoy wonderful Chinese cuisine, and much more!
  • Includes all in-China air and ground transportation, hotels, park and show tickets, and most meals during the dates mentioned for each tour (Panda hugging in Chengdu costs extra).
  • All of this for $1,899 per non-China adoptee adult (12 or older) and $1,399 for non-China adoptee children.
  • Optional visit and tour to your child’s orphanage is available BEFORE or AFTER the main tour (additional costs apply).

Online registration is available on our website at www.ccaifamily.org/heritagetour for all four tours! 

Note: In order to benefit from the free Chinese adoptee in-China tour package:

  • Adopted Chinese children must travel with their own parent(s).
  • Each adoptive couple (both traveling) can bring up to three Chinese adoptees
  • Each single parent can bring up to two Chinese adoptees

These tours are open to everyone: CCAI families, non-CCAI families, your friends or relatives.  So please spread the word!  If you are a FCC chapter member in your area, please help us get the word out to FCC communities.  Thank you!!! 

For any questions about the upcoming 2015 tours, please feel free to email heritagetour@chinesechildren.org or call 303-850-9998.  We look forward to helping your family plan an amazing trip back to China!


7 Things Your Adoption Agency Wishes You Knew…

The adoption process is like no other journey you will ever take, and CCAI is so honored and humbled that you have chosen to walk it with us!  Yes, we have a business relationship for the provision of services, but it’s an emotional journey of the heart, challenging at the best of times, and it becomes far more than just a simple business transaction.  It is a unique and treasured relationship that we have with you, and if we could share with each family, from our hearts to yours, we would say…


This is not an “us and them” partnership – it’s WE!  YOU, your family, and US, CCAI!  WE are a team, united in the common goal of bringing home a child to your family.  We WANT a child to go home with you!  You might feel we’re being “nit-picky” about paperwork, but that’s only because we want to help you do everything right the first time and make sure things run as efficiently as possible.  We are not a hurdle standing between you and your child; we are your coaches, your teammates, your cheerleaders, and your fans on this journey!!

  1. We CARE.

My GOSH, do we care!!  We care SO MUCH about your family and the children we place.  This is NOT (NOT NOT NOT!!!) “just a job” for any of us at CCAI.  We are not cold, faceless workers just here for a paycheck (hey, we have seen those movies too).  We are kind and loving people, here because we sincerely, genuinely, want to help families adopt children and to help the homeless to find a home.  We are always thinking of ways we can improve our service to you, to the child you adopt, and to those children left behind.  This is a heart’s calling for us, and we WANT to help you!

  1. PLEASE call us, we welcome your questions!

No really, you are NOT “bothering” us!  Remember, YOU are why we’re here!!  Social media can be an awesome source of support, however mis-truths and inaccuracies can quickly turn into “facts” and freak you out unnecessarily.  Although the general process and basic steps are the same for each family, every family and adoption is unique and sometimes, advice/information given to one family does not pertain to all others.   Ask US your questions, not your online friends.  It doesn’t matter that we have answered the same question 84 times today – we would rather you hear it from us!  Let your online friends be your cheerleaders and supporters; let CCAI guide you through the process.

  1. We know you by name.  You are our FAMILY!

We do!  Yes, we are a large agency, but we don’t refer to you by a case number; we think of you AND your adoption by name.  Did you know that in our office we don’t refer to you as customers, cases, or even clients?  We call you our “family” because that’s what you are – a family, not a number or a case – and that’s who you are – part of CCAI’s family.  Same team, remember?

  1. PLEASE read what we send you!

PLEASE?!  We promise, we don’t write our packets for our own entertainment or to help you fall asleep at night.  Sometimes they can be dry, we know, but truly, it’s important information that you need to have for a successful adoption!!

  1. What we know, you’ll know.

NEVER in a million years would we ever, EVER withhold from you information important to your adoption!!  When your dossier leaves for China, you’ll know!  When we have a potential child match for you, you’ll know!  If we get updated information on your child, you’ll know!  When your LOA or Travel Approval arrives, you’ll – OK, you get the picture!  We also don’t throw rumors around; we want to share real, verified news with you.  So while you’re always, always welcome to contact CCAI to check in or ask questions, as your teammates, just know that we WILL, at the soonest possible moment, let you know when there is news related to your adoption!

  1. We value your trust above everything else.

We understand the adoption process – boy oh BOY, do we understand it.  And we understand what it’s like to go through it – many of us are adoptive parents ourselves.  We know it’s hard, and we know how hard it is to take the leap of faith in the first place, let alone with an agency that may be several states away, with staff you may never meet.  That’s why it’s so important to us that we work hard to earn your trust and to be deserving of it!

Whew!  Feels good to get that off our chests – thanks for listening! :)

Adopteen’s 7th Annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference a HUGE EVENT

From the desk of Adopteen (www.adopteen.org/news.aspx)!


Hello friends!

We miss you all and are very much stuck in our post-Adopteen blues, or, as we so often like to call it, Post Adopteen Camp Depression (#PACD). It’s real and it’s serious.  We hope the PACD is not treating you too bad.  Did anyone notice that Detroit was bummed out too?  A whole bunch of us got stuck in Detroit’s angry weather!  We could have had an Adopteen Afterparty, amiright?!

We hope that you’ve all finally caught up on some sleep.  We are very proud to say that the 7th Annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference was a huge success!  A heartfelt thank you to all 128 of you who made it all possible.  We had a blast getting to know all of you and know that we will meet again — Sooner than later!  For those of you who wish you had had more time to get to know everyone (we know it was A LOT of people to meet in 5 days), please don’t be a stranger.

FacebookTwitterInstagram, text, call, Snapchat, do that thing you do!  Let’s stay connected!

I can still hear the cheering as your fellow Adopteens conquered the rings at Centennial Quarry. And the sheer terror and admiration I felt watching you all take on the Dragster at Cedar Point. You guys are crazy, and my heroes. My crazy heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the magical and superhuman Luanne Billstein, who brought Adopteen to the Great Lakes area and made this year’s Camp-Conference a reality. We owe her many life-long friendships and memories from this incredible past week. With her amazing heart and undaunted spirit, we managed to pull off quite the whirlwind week! Everyone please be sure to give her a hug if you ever run into her in days and conferences to come.

And with that, we’ll see you all next time. Thank you for being incredible and inspiring and so so rad. #AFL

Art & Amy & the entire Adopteen Team

Adopteen’s 7th Annual National Camp-Conference was held in Toledo, OH with 130 campers, hosted by the University of Toledo!  Their Camp-Conferences are open to any and all adoptees, ages 13 and up! For more information on Adopteen and all of their events, be sure to visit www.adopteen.org and join their mailing list!

Older Orphan Summer Hosting a Success!

Partnering with P143 (www.p143.org), CCAI launched our Older Orphans Hosting Program this year to enable some older and special needs orphans, ages 6 to 13, to live with a loving family in American for four weeks and experience the love and fun of a family.  Nineteen children from Zhengzhou and Luoyang orphanages were the brave pioneers this summer and, during their four-week stay, these kids experienced culture shock, learned to eat and enjoy American food, had tons of fun at parks, swimming pools and zoos, enjoyed playing with their host siblings, shed lots of tears for their friends and foster parents in China, and even threw some fists when things did not go their way! ;)

P143 hellos

Michelle from P143 and Xia and Sheila from CCAI worked extremely hard every day to provide support to the wonderful families and all of the kids who were trying their best to communicate their needs to their host parents.  It was truly a great and capable team.

P143 goodbyes

All of the kids and chaperons said their sad goodbyes and left the USA on July 24th to return to China safe and sound!  The children know they are very much loved and prayed about for their lives and future.  We truly hope that some of the children one day will find their forever families and cannot wait for the children coming for their hosting adventures this winter!

2014 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip Returns

From the desk of Adopteen (www.adopteen.org/news.aspx)!

The second ever Summer AGBOST (Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip) wrapped up last night as all 25 travelers made it home after a delay and an unanticipated overnight stay at an airport hotel. Oh the joys of travel!

It was definitely hard to say goodbye…We feel like we’re kind of just floating in and out of life right now, wanting to go back and see the kids and hang out with eachother forever…

Not much more can be said about that. We really really love eachother.  The children we worked with at Shenyang Orphanage stole all of our hearts!  A couple of the older kids we got to work with are about to be adopted and we were SO happy to know that.  You have to meet these kids…they are all so incredible and inspiring. We go on this trip thinking we’re going to change the lives of these children and help the orphanage, but, after all of it, it’s hard to say who’s helping who. Being with the children, seeing what their lives are like, and having them run up to you giggling…it definitely sets your priorities straight. It’s unlike anything in the world.

The Summer 2014 AGBOST group was made up of 25 adoptees who together raised a grand total of $8,000+ for Shenyang Orphanage and the children!  We definitely set the bar very high.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our trip and supported us on our journey!

If you would like to look at some photos of the Summer AGBOST, you can search #AGBOST2014 or #AGBOST on Instagram.

Thank you to Amy, Art, Lily, and Janelle for so awesomely and fearlessly leading and guiding us!  Thank you to Lisa, Vivian, Tang Laoshi, and all of the amazing Shenyang Orphanage nannies and teachers for your mentorship and guidance as well!

All Yours,
Summer AGBOST 2014

It looks and sounds like the Summer AGBOST volunteer group had an amazing trip!  We can only imagine how life-changing a trip like that can be for them!

If you would like to learn more about Adopteen and their Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips, please visit their website at www.adopteen.org.  CCAI and Adopteen coordinate two AGBOST trips every year for Chinese adoptees, ages 15 and up!

Be sure to join Adopteen’s mailing list to receive news as soon as the service trip dates and locations for 2015 are announced!

CCAI Families Celebrate the 20th National Reunion

Hundreds of CCAI adoptive families from across the country gathered at CCAI Headquarters this past weekend on June 28th to celebrate our 20th Annual National Reunion and Open House!  Barrel train, duck pond, balloon animals, jumping castle, dance, Kung Fu, Bingo, food, and all sorts of fun games brought together one of the largest reunion crowds in recent years!

From our very first reunion in 1994 with just a half dozen families, to today’s 11,000 placements, CCAI has come a long way, creating families and fulfilling dreams, and we are always so excited to see everyone every year.

We want to thank the CCAI Adoptive Parent Council who organized this successful celebration under the strong leadership of Shanna Taylor and Virginia Wong.  We also thank our wonderful staff and all of our amazing volunteers who ran all the booths and greeted our families.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Mile High city this year!  We hope to see even more of you next year!


AdopTween’s First Year a Big Success!

32 tweens joined us for our final Adoptween event of the school year this past Saturday.  After some fun get-to-know-you games, we made homemade ice cream (yummm), decorated some crazy masks, and had some messy fun in the sun competing in water relays and a cupcake eating contest!

Thank you to all of our older adoptee Leaders for your dedication and warm hearts.  AdopTween is all thanks to your mentorship and encouragement!

Thank you to all of the AdopTween tweeners and parents for making AdopTween’s first year a HUGE success! Thank you for all the great memories and crazy fun. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer vacation and we can’t wait to see you all again when the leaves start falling off their branches! ;)

And don’t forget – we have a FREE AdopTween Information Social in September, so bring your friends and family and join us for some good times, good desserts, and information for the 2014-2015 AdopTween year!

Chinese Cultural Camp Season Kicks Off

Starting this week and running (literally) through July, children from all over the country will have a chance to participate in one of the many cultural camps our Joyous Chinese Cultural Center offers at CCAI headquarters!

JCCC Summer Camp

Children will have a chance to meet many new friends, enjoy (and make!) authentic Chinese food, learn Chinese songs and dances, perfect the art of Chinese paper cutting, and even go on exciting field trips (adventure is out there!)!

If you are interested in signing your kids up for one of our JCCC summer camps, you can email us at school@chinesechildren.org!


Parenting The Hurt Child Camp is going great!

TBRI camp

On Friday, June 27, 2014  and Saturday, June 28, 2014, we have our second annual Parenting The Hurt Child camp!  It has so far gone incredibly well with 7 families and 22 children in attendance!

photo 1

The kids are having a blast while their parents spend valuable time learning and preparing to meet their kids’ needs.  Our Parenting The Hurt Child camp is a two-day, 12-hour camp for both parents and children, based on the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) model.  Parents learn how to deepen their attachments, fortify their ability to support sensory processing needs, and find effective ways to discipline children with a history of trauma.  In tandem, the children learn basic social and family skills, how to handle their own self-regulation and sensory needs, and have the chance to practice all of these important skills through play therapy!

TBRI camp 2

We absolutely love our camps and are having a great time.  If you would like to learn more about our Parenting The Hurt Child camps and classes, please email postadoption@ccaifamily.org!