CCAI Charity Projects Update


The children, orphanage staff and volunteers of the Luohe LOCC.

Throughout the end of April, CCAI Charity Director Xia Zhong spent 2 weeks traveling through China, visiting many different orphanages, and speaking with staff and children alike to give hands-on training to keep up LOCC’s high standard of care, as well as to prepare those traveling to the United States for the Orphan Hosting Program this summer.


Over the course of her trip, Xia was able to visit several of the orphanages in Hubei and Henan that have children visiting the United States as a part of the Orphan Hosting Program later this summer. During her time at the orphanages, she met with chaperones and children, preparing them on what to expect once they meet their host families and the many cultural differences between China and the United States.
As many of the children have never had the opportunity to be surrounded by so many western gadgets, some of the staples of American life that Xia had to explain to the children included: the difference in American versus Chinese cuisine; how to use objects like the refrigerator, television, microwave and Western toilets; and the difference between a wild animal and a pet.
With a few more follow-up training sessions scheduled before the children arrive, all the participating Hosting Program children are very excited to meet their host families and experience the American family lifestyle! “All of these kids are so sweet and deserve a loving home. Even though it will be a little bit of a culture shock for everyone in the program, I hope that everyone is prepared for the immense amount of joy and inspiration that comes from the program,” says Xia.


20While in Henan, Xia was able to meet with orphanage directors and discuss six additional county orphanages that will be opening up in Henan within the next several years and what supplies they will need to care for the children they can house. We are so excited to provide the support they will need through our Children Charity Fund to help ensure their success!
“Once the orphanages open, they will need donations of all the basic necessities: bottles, formula, clothing, appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and much more! When people donate to Chinese Children Charities, we will make sure that that money can go directly to the orphanages to help the children who have not yet found their families,” says Xia. Any money donated can be directed to specific items or given to the orphanages to help with general care and maintenance or even foster care for children who can be placed with a foster family in China.


14An exciting update from the LOCC program is that our facility in Zhengzhou province has renewed their contract with CCAI! This means we will be able to continue providing loving support with our dedicated and highly trained staff of more than 22 nannies who care for more than 30 orphans at a time, waiting for their families.
It was a very successful trip. 2015 has brought many blessings to Chinese Children Charities!

For more information on Chinese Children Charities please contact Xia Zhong at or call us at 303-850-9998. To donate please go to

Summer Hosting Opportunity

Kun is a special boy with a great smile! He is well-behaved and gets along well with others. He is in first grade at a deaf school and showed us that he can add and subtract numbers up to 20. Additional photos and video are available in our photolisting. Signup for summer hosting continues. Would your family consider sharing your home and love by hosting an orphaned child from China? Register to see all the available children here:

A Family Forever Changed by Hosting…..

As we continue looking for families that might be interested in hosting a Chinese orphan this summer, we want to share with you how the hosting program has forever changed the lives of one of our families and a 6-year-old orphan-no-more!

hosting reunion 6

Last summer, the White Family decided to open their hearts and home to an adorable 6-year-old boy. During hosting, they realized he was meant to be their son!

When their hosting time was up, they had to temporarily say goodbye, but knew that they would see this dear little boy again very soon, in China. They immediately rushed to complete their dossier and, this past week… the White Family reunited with their little boy!!

From Mom:

“We have been home a little less than a week with our new son that we hosted last summer. He is doing amazing. We took our entire family to China this trip to get our new son. We felt since we had all met him and loved him that it would be wonderful for us all to be there on Gotcha Day. It was such a blessing!!! Thank you so much for the time you put into helping these children.”

The White Family has graciously shared pictures from their heartwarming reunion and adoption day! Are they not the most beautiful pictures??

Having placed over 11,000 children in our short history, we never tire of seeing this absolutely incredible moment captured in photos. Thank you to the White Family for sharing a little piece of their story with us! We are over the moon with excitement for your new family! <3

Please contact us at if you feel the call to host an orphan this summer.

Summer Hosting Opportunity

Fen is 10 years old, knows Pinyin, can count from 1-100 and likes to draw and fold papers. He says his friends would describe him as FUNNY. Additional photos and video are available in our photolisting. Signup for summer hosting continues. Would your family consider sharing your home and love by hosting an orphaned child from China? Register to see all the available children here:

Lily’s Treasures: January 2015

Lily’s Treasures is an advocacy tool we use to get the word out about some of our awesome kiddos! These children need loving homes and we would appreciate your help in advocating for them with the goal that these children may find their forever families because of your advocacy! 

Lily's Treasures Jan 2015 FBLet’s be a part of their stories by sharing and advocating for them and helping them connect to their forever families!

Note: Please click on the photo for a bigger, shareable version.

The Children ARE HERE!!!

Winter Hosting Program kiddos are here!

The hosted children have landed in the US!!! After a long 12-hour flight — the first flight for all of the troopers — the children have finally met up with their host families!

Host families and children; Everyone is so very excited! We will have more updates soon… :D

Training Team Arrives in China to Help Older Orphan Hostees Prepare for Winter Hosting Program

CCAI had a team of trainers take off for China last Wednesday to spend some quality time with all of the older orphans, including those who are anxiously preparing for their 5-week-long visit to the US to help ensure a smoother transition and a more positive experience during their hosting trip this winter! The team gave the kids plenty of good (and sometimes humorous) tips on “surviving the USA” and answered many of their questions; like, “what if I don’t like their food?,” and, “Is it easy to make friends?”

mmexport1413839219115The team also had a great time teaching the kids and chaperons some English words and worked with them on some fun art projects. Everyone had an absolute blast; anxiously looking forward to their first ever visit to America!



It’s our FINAL DAY to sign up to host an orphan from CHINA this holiday season. There are still 9 children who are still waiting and, of the remaining children, the situation is critical… one boy is in a wheelchair, two girls have Downs Syndrome, and two boys are 13 years old, about to age out and will no longer be eligible for adoption in a year! This winter hosting is a critical opportunity for these 9 remaining children!

Please consider opening your home this winter to an orphan from China. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give a child a chance to see the world and just be a kid! Our winter dates are December 16-January 15.

If you cannot host, you can still help make it possible for ONE more child to be hosted! Your tax deductible donation towards a HOSTING GRANT will help guarantee that at least ONE more orphan is here for Christmas and the life-changing opportunity to experience the wonders of the world.

Please register now to view the photo listing of children available for hosting, or if you have already registered, please take a moment to look at the photo listing again.

Today is the day to make a decision! If you are unable to host but willing to help an orphan from China be hosted by placing a host grant, please let us know as soon as possible today (!

China hosting final call

Time is Running Out to Host an Orphan This Winter through CCAI’s Hosting Program!

CCAI China Hosting Program - One Week Left!Won’t you PLEASE consider hosting a child from China this winter?  Registration closes on October 13th! 

Several of these wonderful children also have generous hosting grants, which makes hosting more affordable and possible for host families!  

17 families are making the difference in the lives of 17 children through hosting this winter!  However, 14 children are still waiting to be hosted – please do not leave these children behind!  We ask you to please consider opening your heart and home to an orphan over the holidays (children will be visiting from mid-December to mid-January).  Giving the gift of family to a child over the holidays may be the most precious gift that you ever give!

To register for the photo listing of children available for hosting, please visit

If you have questions about hosting a child, please email

Thank you!