Second Parent Adoption

CCAI can provide you with the home study you will need in order to move forward in a second parent adoption.

In a second parent adoption case, a child who already has one parent with parental rights is formally adopted by another parent. This adoption allows the second parent to assume the full legal rights and responsibilities of a parent.

Is there someone that plays a very special role in your child’s life? Would you like to grant this person the legal status of a second parent to your child? If so, the first step an adoption attorney or agency will ask you to complete is to obtain a home study, as required by the court system.

Second Parent Adoption

This home study must be prepared by a licensed child placement agency. CCAI is Hague-accredited and is licensed to perform adoptions in three states. If you reside in Colorado, Florida or Georgia, CCAI can provide you with the home study necessary to move forward with your second parent adoption.

What is My Next Step?

If you have questions or would like to get started, please contact the following:

Colorado 303-850-9998, ext. 42
Florida 813-949-5559
Georgia 404-250-0055, ext. 201

Or to get started right away, please download the Domestic Adoption Application.