Child's Code: Trent
Birth Date: 7/29/2011
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From April 2012

When Trent entered the institute, feeding him milk was quite troublesome because he is missing both ear auricles. The nannies always asked him to drink slowly, and he would stop drinking quite often and also would not refrain from spitting up milk. Even though he frequently drank milk, he was still very thin and frail. His arms and legs were thin, but his stomach was bulging a lot. At a glance, people felt sorry for him. However, he was very willing to drink milk, and the nannies based the amount of milk he drank on his physical condition. Under the nannies care, he clearly ate his fill and his body became stronger and plumper. He was also rarely sick, but compared to other children his age, he was still a bit weak. However, feeding him milk is getting easier and we are confident that as he gets older, his physique will improve.

Trent is a well-known, handsome kid. He has a fair complexion, a round face, long eye lashes and clever eyes. He has never liked to smile. His big eyes look in all directions and if the nannies grab a toy and give it to him, his gaze will turn towards the toy. He loves it when the nannies accompany him, and when the nannies leave, he will cry. His eyes watch the nannies and he always watches them when they leave. When the nannies are busy, he can amuse himself and play, and he’s the happiest when he’s ripping paper. If you put a sheet of paper in front of him, he will rip it to shreds.

As of the end of August, he still cannot sit or crawl on his own. When he’s on his stomach, he can lift his head. His development is falling behind.
Medical Condition: Ear deformity, Facial Paralysis
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