Child's Code: Pierce
Birth Date: 8/1/2011
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on thee shared list*

From July 2012:

Pierce is active, loves to smile. He is an energetic child with shiny, jet-black hair. He has a chubby, round face and a pair of bright eyes that have a magical look to them. He is an extremely likeable child. Just last month he underwent heart surgery and he’s currently in a period of recovery. When the nannies hand him a toy, he is extremely happy. When he’s lying on his stomach on the mats, he can slowly lift his head and he can also reach out his hands to nearby toys and play with them. Both of his hands grab on tightly to ring-shaped toys that make noise and then he will raise it up and shake it in front of him. When the toy makes noise, he will let chuckle and laugh. When the nannies are playing with him, he and the nannies look right at each other and he will make “a, a, o, o” noises in response to them. His two nimble hands grab books and he turns the pages at random. When the nannies get mad, he will lower his head and then stealthily raise his head to look at the nanny. The nanny’s expression will turn from cloudy to bright and he will also happily baby talk. If you call his name, he will quickly find the source of the noise. His eyes can follow movement and moving people. He loves to smile and if you play with him, he becomes happy immediately. His face always has a smile on it.
Medical Condition: Heart disease
Contact Info: