Child's Code: Ace
Birth Date: 3/19/2012
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Nov 2013

Ace is tranquil, quiet and he doesn’t throw tantrums. Because he has Down’s syndrome, he doesn’t communicate with others and his facial expressions only consist of smiling or fussing. He doesn’t understand what adults say too well and all day long he will amuse himself and happily go in circles on the carpet. When he’s crawling, it’s like he’s swimming and his hands don’t go to the ground. He is not very interested in anything, and he will just make “duo” and “pa pa” sounds. He can’t call out to people or talk and his head tends to lean a bit to the left. Sometimes when he sees a nanny that takes care of him leave his side, he will watch them with both of his eyes but won’t have an expression. He likes to see what is going into his mouth and when he sees other children, he will pounce on them and kiss them or lick them.

Ace has already had heart surgery. Due to his Down’s syndrome, he has developed slower than children his age, and his physical condition is not too good. All it takes is a fever to turn into pneumonia and in these last few months, he normally has gone to the hospital 2-3 times each month. When he has a fever, he needs oxygen and even though he is receiving oxygen, his face will still turn purple.

Ace’s intelligence has not made much progress. At present he cannot walk. When he was a little older than 9 months, he finally learned how to sit and how to crawl; he is very lively. He doesn’t have much expression. For the time being, he doesn’t know how to ask for toys or give toys to other little children. He will lick anything that he’s holding but he can’t feed himself food. He’s not too clear about food but when he’s hungry, he will fuss. When you play with him he will smile. He can’t differentiate between strangers and acquaintances and if you give him something, he will eat it.
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome, Hearing loss, Partia, Heart disease, Undescended testis
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