Child's Code: Dimitri
Birth Date: 3/11/2013
Gender: Male
*This child was formerly on the shared list*

From March 2014:

As a result of the malformation of both of Dimitri’s wrists and both of his knee joints, his hands are not very nimble. He can grab things backwards, but cannot hold them very securely. The child is now able to sit, but is not able to crawl or walk. Dimitri’s eyes do not have any problems; he is able to follow the motion of objects. The child has problems with hearing; regarding his ears, he also does not react to noises made at his side. When he hears familiar people call his name, he turns around to look for the source of the sound.

Dimitri will now indistinctly call out ba ba and ma ma. When he sees a familiar “mama” nanny and wants them to play with him, the child will make laughing sounds, and will say mama. Currently, the child still cannot differentiate between strangers and familiar people.

Dimitri is a comparatively active child. He likes to sit on the mats and play with “mama” nannies. The child also loves to listen to music. When the “mama” nannies play music, he will look for the source of the sound, and conscientiously listens to the music. Sometimes when he hears the music he will get very happy and will smile.
Medical Condition: Malformed Limb - Lower, Malformed Limb - Upper
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