Child's Code: Bobby
Birth Date: 8/10/2012
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

From a recent update:
Bobby can call “mama”, “baba” (dad), and “ayi” (nanny) but his other speech is not very clear. He can address people simply but he cannot communicate normally. Sometimes he can follow simple instructions, and sometimes he cannot. He can follow instructions to sit down and take his bowl to eat. His physical quality is good. He can walk and jump. He occasionally wakes up in the night and when he wakes up he cries, so an adult will remind him to use the toilet or coax him a bit. He currently goes to the Little Sisters class in the orphanage. He goes to a Little Sister’s class in the morning and special education rehabilitation in the afternoon. His intelligence development his poor, when adults speak to him most of the time he does not react. He generally likes to wave his hands and feet and talk to himself. His speech is not very clear.
He is not picky with his diet. Sometimes he wakes up in the night and cries but he is fine after an adult coaxes him. He is not picky with toys. He bounces in the room, doesn’t like to watch TV and is very active. Aside from when he is eating he doesn’t stay seated for more than two minutes.
Medical Condition: Malformed body part
Contact Info: