Child's Code: Hayden
Birth Date: 10/22/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

Meet Hayden! He is 12 years old and he has waited so patiently for his forever family. You might also recognize Hayden as “Hang” from our summer 2015 hosting group! He had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks with a host family in the US, and he has such a great time! Here is what the host family shared with us about their experience:

“Hayden is a sweet boy who strives to be helpful and well behaved. He was happy to clean, cook and wash dishes, but if he was not doing those activities, he was unsure what to do. As host time continued, he learned to enjoy himself and would spend hours playing basketball, riding his bike outside and building with Legos, playing with playdough and drawing on a magna doodle. He was very curious about his surroundings and liked to check everything out. He was very respectful of the host family’s home and other children. When he needed to be corrected, he would try and do better and wanted to show his host family that he was making the right choices. He would fall asleep quickly and sleep about 8-9 hours each night. He enjoyed participating in new activities and during hosting he visited a water park, zoo, aquarium and playgrounds. He will swing as long as you let him at a playground! Large crowds and noises did not bother him. He would willingly hold his host parents' hands while out exploring. It appears he hasn’t had an opportunity to attend school. He can communicate verbally very well, but he cannot read or write yet. He was anxious to learn and learned to write several English letters while visiting as well as learning to count in English and use several English phrases. By the end of hosting, he communicated many of his needs in English. He will thrive in a family who has the time to help him catch up with social skills and education. He loves to cuddle! He was a great eater and does not try to sneak or hide food. His special needs were a non-issue during hosting. He happily took his medications for Epilepsy and did not show any seizure activity. A dental exam during hosting revealed only one small cavity in his adult teeth. He also visited the eye doctor and needed glasses because he is slightly near sighted. He was very cooperative at the dentist and eye doctor. Wonderful boy who still has a lot of “little boy” in him!

Hayden’s nannies tell us he would really love to have a family someday! He has a great personality and good self-care abilities. They tell us that his cognitive development is a bit delayed, but he can still manage his daily life.

Please help Hayden find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Epilepsy, Hydrocephalus, Low Intelligence
Contact Info: