Child's Code: Phoebe
Birth Date: 12/23/2012
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2014:

Phoebe is a very clever little girl. Every caretaker is now able to clearly see her progress. She likes to sit in the corrective chair and listen to music and watch cartoons. Every time she sees a picture she likes, she will be ecstatic. Recently, Phoebe has made great progress; she has learned to turn her body over on her own. When she wakes up, she is always able to turn her body over and then will quietly lie on her stomach on the bed and watch the caretakers and everything in the room. When the nannies go to hug her, she will sweetly smile at the nannies and then, she will extend her hands to let the nannies hug her. Other times, when the nannies are busy, in her child’s chair, she will peacefully watch the nannies move about. She is also very well behaved and does not make trouble. She is a very adorable and clever baby. Little Phoebe will be 2 years old soon. Her daily appetite is also pretty good. When she sees the nannies take food, she will fittingly have a facial expression that seems to show “Nannies, I am very good, let me eat a little more.” We all really like Phoebe and hope she is able to find a loving family.
Medical Condition: Ear deformity, Malformed Limb - Lower, Malformed Limb - Upper
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