Child's Code: Dominic
Birth Date: 8/12/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

We are so excited to introduce Dominic! He first arrived at his welfare institution when he was about 1 month old. The nannies noticed his bubbly personality right away! He was very good at imitating, and he loved to listen to stories or play outside. Now, Dominic is 12 years old, and he is not too different from other kiddos his age. He can walk independently, though there is a slight sway to his gait due to his medical condition. Other than that, his physical development appears to be normal! His nannies tell us he is very clever and they feel that his intelligence is on par with his peers. He has great self-care abilities and can manage his own life very well. Dominic generally is very optimistic, but he can be a little stubborn and strong-willed at times. His caretakers think he would do well with a patient family that can take time to reason and talk with him.

Dominic was hosted in the US as a part of our older orphan hosting program in 2015! Here is what his host family shared with us:

“Dominic is a sweetheart! He is very affectionate to his host parents and helpful with the baby in the home. Despite having more delays and more areas of functioning affected by his CP than we had hoped, we found a lot of great potential in Dominic and fell in love with his sweet disposition. He likes to shake his booty (dance) and has a great sense of humor. He can get frustrated easily when something is a challenge for him, and he really hates to lose at a game and will sometimes get angry and cry, but overall, he is easy going and easy to correct. He is a blessing!”

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Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy
Contact Info: