Child's Code: Franklin
Birth Date: 10/22/2008
Gender: Male
Description: *This child's file was formerly on the shared list*

Franklin was hosted in the US in winter 2014!

Franklin has a generally happy disposition. He is not shy and has no issue expressing what he wants or doesn't want and is quite loud and expressive. He chants and sings to himself, talks all the time, and is very rarely quiet. He does well with routine, but can adapt when things change; he has the uncanny ability to make himself comfortable anywhere (appropriate or not) and will act like himself almost anywhere (he is very adaptable in that way). He loves Spongebob cartoons, playing with wooden blocks, and going places in the car. He gets very excited to see other kids that he can play with. He enjoyed the Discovery Center and playing with the various exhibits, toys, etc. He also enjoyed the trampoline park and playground.

Franklin likes to watch TV, play games on the iPad, and to throw and catch a ball. He also likes the toy cars he got for Christmas and enjoys riding in the cart at the store. He really enjoys having his own room and place to put his toys. He will help make his bed in the morning and will go to sleep at the end of the day without issue! He will hold the host family’s hands and enjoys cuddles at times. He also will kiss them on the cheek when we ask and at bedtime and other times. Franklin can be stubborn, so he would thrive in a family with strong firm boundaries.Franklin is a cute and hard-working kid! He likes playing with others and is always ready to smile. Please help Franklin find his family!
Medical Condition: Cryptorchidism, Developmental delays
Contact Info: