Child's Code: Cai
Birth Date: 2/19/2014
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List.*

From Feb 2014:

Cai is an active and lively little boy. Currently, he cannot sit on his own, and cannot speak. When he lies on the mats, he can turn over freely; when we put him in the hard rubber seat for infants, he can sit steadily, but he is not naïve like other children, he will not sit for a long time, and will cry after a while, expressing that he is not willing to be contained; he prefers to play in the baby bassinet or on the mats. When he lies on the mats, he will wiggle his head without stopping and wave about his arms; he will giggle when he is happy; he has a ready smile and enjoys when the caretakers hold him; when he is crying, the nannies cuddle him, and then he will smile through his tears at once. He is fairly attached to his familiar caretakers. According to the caretakers, he has a ready smile and is an outgoing boy. He is fond of listening to music, when there is music, he is fairly excited, and will shake his hands quickly to the tempo. He sleeps soundly at night and basically sleeps until the next morning.
Medical Condition: Malformed Limb - Upper, Reproductive/Urological Issues
Contact Info: