Child's Code: Paul
Birth Date: 7/18/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From July 2014:

Now Paul is 9 years old, is studying in Grade Two in the primary school. He is a smart boy, can listen to teacher, can unite classmates, also can listen to nurturer. He can help nurturers clean the bowls and clothes after finishing the homework. He can managee his life, he can help younger brothers. The doctor said he was clever, he could cooperate during the physical exam, also could say good bye to the doctor.
Now he is studying in Grade Two in primary school, has regular life: get up at 6:00, goes to school after the breakfast, leaves school at 11:40, naps for a while after the lunch, goes to school at 14:20, leaves school at 17:20, does not have class on Saturday and Sunday, play games after finishing the homework.
He is clever and polite, we hope he will find a happy family and a bright future.
From Summer 2015:
Paul was hosted in the US as part of our Summer 2015 hosting program!
Paul is in second grade at a public school. He has good language abilities and is of average learning ability. He really likes to jump rope and his favorite color is blue! He likes the movie Transformers and likes watching the China Ultraman cartoon and playing with remote control airplanes and video games. He likes dogs and eating pineapple, tomatoes and meat. He has a good little personality and likes to play outside. He is scared to sleep alone so he sleeps with another person in his bed. Paul is a lively and peaceful child. Please help Paul find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Imperforated anus
Contact Info: