Child's Code: Yuan
Birth Date: 10/1/2010
Gender: Female
Description: This beautiful, bright little girl is Yuan! She is 7 years old. Yuan has seen many of her friends go home to their forever families, and she so wants to find a forever family of her own! She will sometimes ask, “Why don’t I have a mama?”

Yuan has a sweet, cheerful personality. She loves dresses - every time she puts on a dress she is extremely happy and says she feels like a princess! She is also very into music - when she hears a song she likes she waves her body along with the rhythm and will do some simple actions that go along with each song. If she knows the words she will sing along, too! She loves to sing.

Yuan is not in school right now because of her medical condition, but she can recognize objects, animals, and numbers. She can also recite a couple of poems and can do addition and subtraction up to 10. Her nannies say her language development is good, so she can carry on a conversation and communicate her needs verbally. She is such a bright young lady!

Yuan is learning self-care skills, but she still needs a little help from time to time. She can walk with support, and she has already had surgery to treat her Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.

A group of volunteers recently had the opportunity to meet Yuan. One of them shared this with us:

"I had the pleasure of meeting Yuan when I was traveling with CCAI's charity program to Henan Province in November 2017.

My daughter was adopted from the same orphanage in 2016. The girls were best friends and grew up together. This was the first time I had visited and brought photos for Yuan and the nannies so they could see our family.

When Yuan saw the photo of my daughter, she kissed it. It was a very moving moment that brought tears to most in the room. Yuan looked through the little photo album with such interest, and even took a long sigh, saying how beautiful and happy our daughter looked and asking about the “ba ba” (father). She talked with the nannies and looked at all the photos with such love.

I put some barretts in her hair, gave her a “fountain” pony tail atop her head and took lots of photos and videos. Yuan showed me where she and our daughter slept. Yuan walks with the aid of a walker and is now 7 years old. Yuan is a smart, adorable, sweet girl who has such love to give. She very much wants a family. When our visit was over, Yuan asked if she could hug me and we had a wonderful moment that will remain with me forever.

We are familiar and understanding of the many questions a prospective adoptive family might have. Our daughter has four siblings, all adopted from China. We are more than happy to speak with anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful, extraordinary girl – Yuan, in hopes that she finds a loving family."

Sweet Yuan has been waiting so patiently for her forever family. Please help us find them!
Medical Condition: Club feet, Hydrocephalus, Spina Bifida
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