Child's Code: Jun
Birth Date: 5/19/2009
Gender: Male
Description: We’d love for you to meet Jun! You might also recognize him as Sean. He turned 8 years old in May of this year. Jun is an active and playful kid. He likes to build structures out of Legos or spin toy tops, but he also loves to run around and play football with his friends! He seems to be pretty athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports.

Jun participated in our Heart Connection 2016 Trip and was visited by a couple of volunteers. Here is what they shared with us:

“Jun appeared to be a little rowdy upon first impression, but in a mildly playful/ mischievous way vs. being disruptive. He seems to be a ball of energy and inquisitive, hence his excitement and energy in the class.

Jun was very focused in the painting activity. His gross motor skills appear normal (sitting, standing, walking, running, etc.) He had no difficulties completing any activity. He could understand instructions given by the teacher and was very engaged and friendly!

Jun was helpful, particularly with a younger child that sat next to him. The cutest thing I saw was his pouring water from a water bottle into the bottle cap to share with a 3 year old who was sitting next to him. Emotionally he seemed quite happy and self-assured.

His demeanor is friendly, his behavior towards others was empathetic, and he has a “spark” in his eyes… a genuine brightness to his personality.”

Like many children who grow up in an institution, Jun is sometimes possessive of toys he is playing with, can be impatient when he wants something, and sometimes lacks self-control. Drawing has really helped Jun learn patience and carefulness. He devotes a lot of time to each of his drawings and it seems to help calm him. Jun needs a family who can take the time to work with him to help him unlock his full potential! Please help Jun find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate
Contact Info: