Child's Code: Chandler
Birth Date: 9/25/2008
Gender: Male
Description: * Chandler is eligible for a grant to go toward his adoption expenses! Please contact CCAI for more information! *

*Chandler was part of our 2016 hosting program! Please contact CCAI to learn more about Chandler!*

Chandler is an outgoing and energetic 10 year old boy! He enjoys playing games, riding a bike, drawing, and singing! His favorite toys are transformers. He is not in school yet, but he can communicate well with others and likes to play with other children. Chandler tells us that his favorite color is blue, and that he LOVES chocolate! He can take care of himself - wash his face, brush his teeth, and bathe himself, although he may have difficulty getting fully clean. Since Chandler has a dislocation of the hip, his legs are not the same length; his left leg is a bit shorter. This also causes him to fall easily when he walks quickly, and the squatting motion is very difficult for him.

Chandler was hosted during our Summer 2016 Hosting Program, and he had so much fun spending 3 weeks in the US with his host family! Here is what they shared with us:

“He loves to swim, sing and dance. His special need doesn't slow him down much. He was very brave and loved trying new things including swimming, boating and rollercoasters! He was a very good eater and willing to try new foods. He especially loved fruit, hamburgers and corn dogs. He seemed smart and could read Chinese as a basic level. He picked up English well while he was here. His host family believes he would thrive as a youngest child in a family with teenagers. He loved the attention of older kids.”

Please help Chandler find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Malformed Limb - Lower
Contact Info: