Child's Code: Anne
Birth Date: 7/20/2005
Gender: Female
Description: This beautiful girl is Anne! She will be celebrating her 12th birthday at the end of July. Anne loves to laugh and spend time with her friends! Sometimes they will play with toys or games, but most of the time they seem to be content just chatting and coloring. She goes to public school and is studying in the fifth grade. She can read, write, and do simple math, but Anne says she does not have a favorite subject. She is very helpful to her teachers and will volunteer to help clean up the classroom without hesitation. Anne likes cleanliness, so she does a very nice job stacking the books on the shelf and sweeping the floor when class is over. She also likes her clothes to be nice and neat! Anne tells us that her favorite color is red, her favorite animals are dogs and pandas, and she loves to eat cake! She has good self-care abilities and is pretty independent. Please help us find Anne’s forever family!
Medical Condition: Meningocele, Spina Bifida
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