Child's Code: Jaclyn
Birth Date: 1/20/2007
Gender: Female
Description: *Jaclyn was part of our summer 2016 hosting program! Please contact CCAI to learn more about Jaclyn!*

This smiley 10 year old is Jaclyn! Jaclyn likes to play ball with her friends outside, but is just as content drawing or playing with her dolls. She attends school and likes it a lot – her favorite subject is music. She does not play any instruments herself, but she sure does like to sing! She also knows her colors, parts of the body, and can write using Chinese characters. Even though she has difficulty moving the right side of her body, her nannies say that Jaclyn’s handwriting with her left hand is just as good as any others’! Her nannies told us that she is a beautiful, elegant girl who is detail oriented and hard working. Jaclyn says her favorite foods are sunflower seeds, noodles, and turnips! She likes animals, especially cats and dogs. She enjoys going to the zoo! Jaclyn is very independent, and has great self-care abilities. Every once-in-a-while she does need help with small tasks like wiping her face. This darling girl communicates well and does not need extra support to get around.

Jaclyn had the opportunity to spend three weeks with a host family in the US! Here is what they shared with us:

“Jaclyn is a happy girl who gets along well with other kids and enjoys playing with kids of all ages. She is especially great with little ones :)

She loves animals but is timid around dogs, although, she has become a lot more comfortable around our golden retriever in just a week. She even likes to hold her leash and take her on walks! Jaclyn loves to color, do origami and do anything crafty. However, if she isn't busy doing something that entertains her then she is busy getting into stuff and doing things she shouldn't. Jaclyn enjoys swimming but does not like wearing her life jacket (but will wear it when told to). She loves playing with other kids but her special needs sometimes limit her from doing the same thing the other kids are doing ; i.e. Swimming without a life jacket, she becomes frustrated, and at times, leads to outbursts and yelling.

Jaclyn is a great little helper and enjoys helping out with chores; such as clearing the table, carrying bags, and doing laundry. She enjoys feeling needed and helpful and does not like at all when someone tries to help her do something. She likes to be as independent as much as possible. Jaclyn is patient and caring and shows compassion when someone is sad but can also be mischievous.

Jaclyn willingly takes her medicine for her epilepsy every night. Her hardest time of the day is bedtime. She is easily scared of the dark and being without an adult, so she often cannot fall asleep. My husband and I have to take turns spending time with her in the middle of the night to console her.

Jaclyn is a great traveler when given medication for motion sickness, enjoys trying new restaurants and new activities. Jaclyn would be a great addition to a family with younger kids!”
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Epilepsy
Contact Info: