Child's Code: Paris
Birth Date: 9/14/2007
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was hosted in the US! Please contact CCAI to learn more about them! *

Darling Paris is waiting for her forever family! She is 9 years old and will be 10 in September. Her nannies tell us that she is a passionate girl who is able to show her emotions very clearly. She attends school and she seems to like learning. She can read simple Tang’s Dynasty poems, knows the names of animals, and can name parts of the body. Her favorite subject is physical education (especially running and volleyball), but due to her heart condition, she needs to be sure to take it easy and rest. She also loves to play with puzzles and do arts & crafts!

Paris is capable of getting along with others, but her host family tells us it is very clear that her heart is hurting and she has been through a lot. She can be mischievous and very strong-willed, so she needs a family that can really take the time to help her unlock her full potential!

Please contact our Waiting Child Tema to learn more about Paris!
Medical Condition: Heart disease
Contact Info: