Child's Code: Shane
Birth Date: 9/14/2003
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Shane! This happy, sensitive, mature 13 year old boy will melt your heart! He will be aging out of his eligibility for international adoption in just a few months! Please help us find his forever family!

He is in fourth grade and the local public school. He knows how to read, write, and does simple math. He is very eager to learn, always the first to raise his hand, and is a good student. His teachers love that he is always willing to help others! He loves to chat with new people and make friends. Shane loves to be active and has a good time riding his bike and playing outside. His favorite thing to do is play basketball and roller skate with his friends! Like many boys his age he also enjoys building with Legos. He also likes to be on the computer sometimes. His favorite foods are sausage and chocolate, and his favorite color is black! He is happiest when playing with his friends.

Shane was hosted last winter, and he had a blast with his host family. He is what they shared with us:

“Shane was a joy for our family. He is introverted, which he knows and is able to meet his need of quiet and alone time to recharge. He would politely decline invitations of group play and say he wanted to play alone for a while. He was a well behaved child.

He liked biking, basket ball, swimming, walking the dog, trampoline, museums, theme park and reading. He was very reserved, quiet and shy initially when we would go to group events, but would warm up and play if he was surrounded by those familiar to him. He was open to trying new things. He had never swum before and my 11 year old son taught him to float on his back very easily. He is modest. I had no concerns with behaviors that would threaten the safety of my girls.

I had the BFG book in Mandarin for my son and I told Shane if he read it we would go and see the movie before he returned to China. He read it in 3 hours!

Because my son spoke Mandarin, he did not have to worry about learning English, but he did pick up several English words.

I think he would enjoy a family that has children near his age.”

Please contact CCAI to learn more about Shane! His host family is also willing to talk to seriously interested families!
Medical Condition: Genital Malformation, Imperforated anus, Megacolon
Contact Info: