Child's Code: Shelby
Birth Date: 5/1/2011
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

This little lady is Shelby! She is 5 years old and is as cute as can be! She has spent her whole life in a foster family, and she has transformed from a quiet little baby into a cheerful and extroverted little girl. She likes to play and is very curious about new toys, but she does not like things that make too much noise. Loud noises scare her a bit, so she will often cover her ears! She likes to watch cartoons and flip through picture books, and she can’t help but dance when she hears music!

Shelby’s nannies tell us that her cognitive and language development are delayed compared to her peers. She can understand what adults say to her, though her response is a bit slow. She can sometimes say “mama”, and she turns her head when her name is called. Shelby needs an adult to feed her when she eats, and she prefers to eat mashed foods. She knows to hold on to something if it is given to her, but she does not pick objects up on her own initiative.

Please help us find Shelby’s forever family!
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease, Developmental delays
Contact Info: