Child's Code: Hector
Birth Date: 6/7/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This child is formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012

Hector is already one year and two months old. He has a weight of 6 kg. He loves to eat sweets. He can turn over on his own. He can hold and move toys about with both hands. He can feed himself crackers and make “yi ya” baby sounds, learning how to talk. When he is played with, he loves to smile. He likes to watch TV and listen to music. When he smiles, he reveals two little white teeth. He is adorable.

A recent update indicates his delays are still there. His movement is his primary delay. He hearing and vision are said to be normal. He rolled over at a year old and is now learning to sit. He is introverted and quiet. He has been recently moved to foster care sponsored by CCAI in hopes he will show improvement in his development.

He has not made any progress in the foster care room over the last 6 months. He is not talking and can not crawl. He is sitting now and appears to be a happy baby who gets along with the others children. His fontanel is not closed and his overall leg strength is very poor. The family considering this little one should be prepared ofr possible lifelong issues.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
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