Child's Code: Jenny
Birth Date: 2/25/2005
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

This sweetheart is Jenny. She first came into care when she was about 7 years old, and she is now a lovable almost 12 year old! Her nannies tell us she is very smiley, honest, and kind. She likes helping others and helping her nannies care for the younger kiddos. She also likes to play games with her friends and listen to music!

Jenny’s language and cognitive abilities are delayed compared to her peers, but she is very optimistic about her future! She struggles with communicating her needs to her caretakers, and she does need help with self-care tasks such as dressing herself and using the bathroom.

Jenny is a very sweet little girl who will bring a lot of happiness to her future family!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Developmental delays
Contact Info: