Child's Code: Bella
Birth Date: 2/22/2008
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child*

Say hello to beautiful Bella! She is an introverted 8 year old, but she sure does love to smile! She first came to her orphanage when she was almost 2 years old. The nannies worked diligently with her in rehabilitation training, and even though her motor development was behind, she can now walk independently! She cannot speak but she knows when her name is called and she can understand simple phrases. She continues to work on her development in rehabilitation training. Her nannies tell us her vision is not very good, but she can see things that are up close. Please help us find Bella’s forever family!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Hearing Loss, Partial, Mute, Ptosis
Contact Info: