Child's Code: Felix
Birth Date: 1/27/2006
Gender: Male
Description: *Please note that this child is currently on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information on this child.*

We’d like you to meet Felix! He is 10 years old and will celebrate his 11th birthday in January. Felix is known for being optimistic and active! He really likes outdoor activities – especially playing on the playground! His nannies tell us he is an especially courageous boy. When it is time to play inside he likes to watch cartoons or play computer games. He is kind and gentle, and all of the other children love playing with him! Felix does not like to study, but he learns quickly and he seems to have a strong memory. He knows his colors and shapes, can calculate addition problems, and can recite poems and songs. Felix likes to be active, so he sometimes struggles to focus in class. Felix has great self-care abilities and is usually happy to help his caretakers with chores. Felix needs a patient family who can really help him blossom! Could you be his forever family?
Medical Condition: Autism/Autistic, Impaired intelligence
Contact Info: