Child's Code: Charlie
Birth Date: 1/7/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *Charlie was part of our hosting program! Please contact CCAI to learn more about Charlie!*

We are excited to introduce Charlie! He is 11 years old and will celebrate his 12th birthday in January. Charlie is outgoing and very friendly! He likes playing with other kiddos and he always greets others with a smile and a kind “hello”, even if he doesn’t know them. He goes to school in the orphanage and is in the first grade. He likes his classes, and he especially likes when they get to sing songs and draw. He knows how to write and he can read simple children’s books. Charlie likes to be active, but he does rely on his wheelchair due to his medical condition. He is happy playing with toys, but he prefers to play with other kids. He does not seem to let his medical condition bother him - his nannies say he usually has a great temperament and he seems to be happy and cheerful all of the time. He is able to take pretty good care of himself, and he can communicate his needs verbally when he does need some help.

Here is what his host family shared with us:

“Charlie is a very curious boy. He enjoys seeing and exploring everything in his world. He has loved going to Lowes, getting a haircut, looking at Christmas lights, and going to the movies. He will shriek in excitement when going to these places and in our experience everyone around him lights up in joy to see him so happy. Contagious attitude! He loves to eat and food is his love language. He also likes to build with simple blocks or do simple crafts like putting colored stickers on squares. He is in a wheelchair but can get around well and can also scoot around on the floor. He came knowing a lot of English and learns English fast. He loves music and to sing. He knew Happy Birthday in English as well as Jingle Bells and enthusiastically sings them whenever he can! We have a Chinese Lullabies CD he loves to hear. “

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Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Scoliosis
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