Child's Code: Heng
Birth Date: 4/1/2013
Gender: Male
This adorable little guy is Heng! He turns 4 years old in April. Heng’s nannies say he adapted to life at the orphanage very quickly. He likes to play with toys that make sounds, and he loves when his nannies read nursery rhymes to him. He is not as into toys as some other kiddos, but he sure does love to eat! As long as he is with his nannies he is a happy boy. Heng can walk, but because he cannot see, he does not really run. He is not talking yet, but he can use sounds and actions to get his nannies’ attention. He is learning self-care skills but he still needs some extra help since he cannot see. Could you be Heng’s family?
Medical Condition: Vision problem
Contact Info: