Child's Code: Ci
Birth Date: 7/1/2014
Gender: Female
Description: Ci is a little sweetheart! She is 2 years old and will celebrate her 3rd birthday this summer. One of Ci’s nannies describes her as a bright and lovely girl. Every time the nanny comes into the nursery, Ci attracts her attention by babbling. Sometimes she will hit a toy against the floor, too, and she laughs whenever the toy makes a sound. She also loves to be talked to and sung to as she sits in her nanny’s arms. Ci is normally a very cheerful girl, but she can be shy around new people or in new environments.

Ci can currently crawl, stand, and walk with assistance, but her nannies tell us her learning and cognitive abilities are behind her peers’. She has made extraordinary progress since coming into care at the orphanage, though! She can say “play” if she wants something and can get her nannies’ attention by making sounds. She can understand simple instructions, can clap and wave, and can hold a bottle to drink milk.

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Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus
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