Child's Code: Yuan
Birth Date: 8/1/2014
Gender: Female
Description: Yuan is 2 years old and has the most precious little smile! Her nannies tell us she is outgoing, cuddly, and playful. She plays well with other children, but is just as content playing on her own or with her nanny. She is happy whenever she hears music and she loves when it is time for snacks! Yuan is very close to her familiar caretakers, but she is shy and timid around strangers. She can make sounds and cry to let her nannies know when she needs something, and she is learning to “goodbye”. If you say goodbye to her she will wave her little hands to say goodbye to you. Yuan can crawl and walk with assistance, and she just started taking a couple of steps independently! Yuan is such a smiley, happy girl, and she will bring so much happiness to her future family! Please help Yuan find her forever family.
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome
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