Child's Code: Trevor
Birth Date: 1/16/2008
Gender: Male
*This child was formerly on the Shared List. CCAI has received updated information for this child

From a recent update:
Trevor has not received any treatment.

Trevor always plays by himself. When he sees other children playing happily or is watching TV, or listening to music, he will smile to himself. If he is unhappy he will twist his face to one side and stand in a place far away from you, and won’t say anything to you; after a while he will be ok. He completely takes care of his own daily living.

Trevor has autism. He understands anything said to him but cannot say anything. He likes to live alone; sometimes he will play with several other children, but most of the time he is alone.

Trevor’s personality is very eccentric; he practically doesn’t communicate with anyone. Even though he understands everything he speaks unclearly.

Trevor’s development is basically normal. His language and speaking are unclear; basically you can’t understand any of it. He likes to be alone and very rarely communicates with teachers or other children, but when you tell him something he listens and does it. When other people are doing something he watches and when they are happy he is also happy, but he just sits far away and watches.

Trevor’s personality is a bit eccentric. He can completely manage his own daily living; when he needs to go to the bathroom he will make a few sounds towards the nanny and then go by himself.
Medical Condition: Autism/Autistic, Cleft palate
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