Child's Code: Dustin
Birth Date: 8/15/2008
Gender: Male
*This child was formerly on the Shared List.”
Dustin is a thin boy, he is also a quiet boy. He has stayed here about one year, he is in good shape, and sometimes he will have a cold, he has no obvious discomfort symptoms. Dustin can wear clothes and shoes by himself, he can also use chopsticks, but he can’t brush his teeth by himself and can’t express his needs. Usually, he is very quiet, he likes to play by himself and also can get along well with other children. Sometimes he may fight for toys with other children. Dustin is very lovely, he likes aunts very much, he likes the aunt to embrace him. If he saw the aunt treat other children very well, he may unhappy and express his dissatisfied. So he is a cute boy. Dustin likes watching TV on usual, he is very fond of cartoon, when he is very happy, he will say “a, a” to express his excitement.
He is a little darling boy, he is very obedient, not naughty. He doesn’t make trouble for the aunt, so he is a polite boy. We hope that he can more outgoing, there will have more smile on his face.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Impaired intelligence
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