Child's Code: Tristan
Birth Date: 9/6/2004
Gender: Male
Description: Tristan is outgoing, playful, and lively! He is 12 years old and will be turning 13 in September. Tristan goes to the local public school and is in the fourth grade. He enjoys school and talking with his teachers. He responds well to compliments and support from adults! Tristan really enjoys his art class, and drawing is one of his favorite hobbies. In his free time he also likes to ride his bike, read science fiction books, and play games with his friends. When Tristan grows up he wants to be a scientist so that he can invent new things!

Tristan has great self-care skills and is able to communicate effectively with caretakers! He is happiest when others tell him a joke or tease him, or when he gets to play outside on the playground. When Tristan gets upset and angry, which is not often, he sometimes throws things, so he would do well in a family that can be firm and consistent.

Tristan participated in our 2016 China Winter Hosting Program! He came spent 3 weeks in the US learning what family is all about! Here is what his host family shared with us:

“Tristan is an active, energetic, very happy, outgoing, smart child. He has an infectious laugh. He is warm and kind, and likes to share. He was very gentle and caring toward everyone in the family including the dogs. He likes dogs very very much.

When being corrected, he often had to be told more than once. For example, he continued to feed the dogs despite our requests to stop. Even though it was annoying that he would not comply, we think he was motivated by his feeling that the dogs were hungry.

He liked being kissed on the forehead before going to sleep, and was affectionate. His favorite activity while we hosted him was going to a gymnastics place.”

Tristan would do well in a family that could provide a loving, structured environment!

Could you be Tristan’s forever family?
Medical Condition: Healthy
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