Child's Code: Lydia
Birth Date: 3/9/2005
Gender: Female
Description: Lydia is thoughtful, kind, and gentle. She turns 13 years old very soon and will only have one year before she ages out on her 14th birthday! Please help us share her story so she can find her forever family!

Lydia loves to help out her teachers during school days. She attends an orphan school and is in the fifth grade. She enjoys her classes and English is her favorite subject! We are told that she can carry out simple communication in English! Lydia also likes draw, play with teddy bears, skip rope, and dance. She likes to be around other kids and play in groups with her friends, too. She tells us that she wants to be a policewoman when she grows up, because “police can catch the bad guys to protect the other people’s property and security.” This sweet girl has no problems taking care of herself, and although she is a bit introverted, she is able to clearly communicate her needs. As a result of her cleft lip and palette, some of her words are not pronounced clearly, but her motor and cognitive abilities are fully developed.

Lydia was hosted during our 2016 Winter Hosting Program! She spent 3 weeks in the US with her host family learning what family is all about. Here is what they shared with us:

“Lydia was such a treasure to host. She fit right into our family and schedule and is such an easy going, laid back girl. She LOVES to play outside, go sledding, zip lining, swing, etc. But she also loves to find a book (she read both the first Harry Potter book and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in Mandarin while here) and find a comfy spot and just read. Lydia would thrive and really needs a family that has at least one girl her age (11-14). She bonded immediately with our daughters and felt most comfortable with them. Towards the end, she was beginning to bond with our boys, but our daughters were definitely her favorite. Towards the end of her visit she began to follow and seek me out and want to spend time with me, so I definitely think she will bond with adults- but it will take time and patience.

Lydia’s personality is that of an introvert. She is naturally quiet and compliant. She spoke very little while she was here- but loved using Google translate and speaking to Siri in Mandarin! She is very shy and stoic about showing emotions- like fear or sadness- in front of others, but her laugh is precious!

Lydia is VERY smart— we taught her card games like Uno and Spoons— and playing games is a requisite for adopting Lydia because we spent HOURS playing— and she hated to lose, but was also a good sport.
Lydia will thrive in a loving family- and whoever adopts her will be so blessed!!!”

Please contact our Waiting Child Team to learn more about Lydia!
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Other
Contact Info: