Child's Code: Max
Birth Date: 9/24/2011
Gender: Male
Description: *Max is eligible for a $2,000 grant to go toward his adoption expenses! Please contact our Waiting Child Team for more information*

Say hello to Max! He is 5 years old and is a little bit shy, but he is playful and lively once he has had some time to adjust! Max goes to school inside of the orphanage and he really seems to like it. He does not know how to count or read quite yet, but he enjoys doing arts & crafts. Max loves to use his imagination to build structures out of blocks or color pictures, too! He would probably love to play with Legos! He can play with other children cooperatively, but he will get upset if someone takes his toy away from him. He also does not like to play with toys that look like scary animals! Max is diagnosed with epilepsy, and he had one seizure last year. His nannies tell us that changes in temperature or the stress of a change in environment could cause a seizure. He is pretty independent and is able to take care of most self-carand carttn his own. His motor skills are good, and he is able to communicate his needs to his caretakers verbally. He is not a picky eater, so he does not have a favorite meal or snack. Max would do well with a family who can take the time to help him come out of his shell!

Max was hosted during our Winter 2016 Hosting Program! Here is what his host family shared with us:

“Max is very shy at first and tends to get upset when introduced to new people or new environments. Once he gets used to you though, then he’s a normal happy 5 year old. He was only with us for 3 weeks but we got the sense that once he trusted you, then when introduced to new things he did not get as upset or it was a quicker recovery.
He loves puzzles, blocks and building toys. He also liked looking at videos or pictures of himself. He can also follow directions well. When he would get into trouble or we told him no, he would then become very quiet and antisocial and pace around in a circle and not talk to anyone.

His favorite show is Boonie Bears, a Chinese cartoon. He also likes watching cartoons in general.

He had no issues with basic hygiene like brushing teeth, haircuts, or taking a bath. He really loves baths. Despite a rough start while picking him up, when we got home and took a bath he had a blast. He stayed in there for at least an hour, he probably would have stayed longer. He can get dressed on his own and understands the logical flow of things. For example coming in from car, taking off shoes and hanging up jacket.

Food wise he’s not picky, likes eggs and sausage and rice. Vegetables are ok. Loves whole milk.

Max suffers from epilepsy and takes medication for it. He has no issues with taking medication in general. We did not see any indication of epilepsy while he was with us.

He is delayed in language both speaking and reading from what we could tell. I speak Mandarin and I thought he was slurring his words, but later found out he spoke a different dialect of Mandarin than I do which likely explains the slurring. He is capable of learning though and was able to learn and count from 1-10 in English as well as recognition of names, faces and places."

In a recent update, Max’s nannies tell us he has been healthy and that his developments are close to normal. He is extroverted, playful, and affectionate!

Please help Max find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Epilepsy, Poor Brain Development, Vision problem
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