Child's Code: Lan
Birth Date: 8/26/2014
Gender: Female
Description: This sweet little girl is Lan! She first came into care at her orphanage when she was just a couple of days old. She is now a friendly, smiley 4 year old! Her nannies say she is quieter than the other kiddos and she is fairly introverted, but she can get along well with others and loves to play games. She is attached to her nannies and is not afraid of meeting new people!

Lan is able to sit on her own, but she is a little bit more steady when she is able to lean against something. She can move her arms freely to play with toys or feed herself. Lan cannot move her legs, and her nannies feel her cognitive abilities are behind her peers'. She is quiet and does not often call out for people, but she can say grandma, uncle, and other simple words.
Medical Condition: Spina Bifida
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