Child's Code: Maddox
Birth Date: 8/24/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. *

From Aug 2012:

Maddox takes part in the special teaching class every day. Currently, he can dress himself, wear shoes and socks, fold up his quilt. He has good appetite and never picky on food. He also likes to eat fruits like apples, peaches and bananas.
He takes special teaching classed every morning, which is also his happiest time. He would sit up straight according to teachers’ requirements and help other kids move chairs while waiting for teachers to start class. He has made great progress after a period of hard work, now he can recognize some simple shapes such as circle, triangle, square etc. and red, yellow, blue and green. Though the learning of animal cards and fruit cards, he can recognize a lot of common animals, fruits and vegetables, such as tiger, elephant, grapes, pitaya, carrot, etc. He would ask a lot of questions when meeting with something he interested in. He loves to blow bubbles in terms of games and after blowing colorful bubbles, he would smile and turn around to touch the bubbles. He also likes to play wear socks and magic cube games, which could makes him happy. Afternoon is his free-play time, he would help nurse aunts to do something within his power such as delivering the clothes and cleaning. Maddox is becoming more and healthier, active. We hope he could find his family as soon as possible and enjoy love from parents and warm from a family.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Impaired intelligence
Contact Info: