Child's Code: Bruce
Birth Date: 12/22/2003
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. *

From March 2011:

Bruce has good memory, reciting poems in particular; now he can recite more than ten poems, and he acts as bit player and has outstanding performance in the art performance in our institute; he has certain self-care ability, can put on and take off clothes and shoes, can have a meal alone, can go upstairs and downstairs, can distinguish the common colors, and classify the toys of the same color; she can recognize the animals and imitate their sounds.
Now his vision is not very good, but he is a sensible good boy; he is happy to help others and is very polite. His normal life is not affected by his vision. Every day he plays games and goes to class happily with children, and we hope he has a good future sincerely.
Medical Condition: Vision- cataracts
Contact Info: