Child's Code: Oscar
Birth Date: 11/29/2003
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the Shared List. *

From Oct 2008:

Please help Oscar find his forever family before he ages out in November 2017!

Oscar is active, smart, fond of singing and jumping, easy-going. He will say hello to familiar people initiatively, he is able to wash hand and face, go to toilet and put on clothes without help. He can help the caretaker to set tables, give order of bowls, sweep floor and clean clothes. We all praised him as “excellent aid”.
He began to have classes in his institute in 2006. He likes the school life, stays with classmates and teacher and being polite. He is able to speak many sentences and words, he is curious and has questions a lot. He is able to recite the text, know the vocal sound, answer questions, count 1-100, write 1-20, tell the color, shape, weight, size; fond of playing picture puzzle, paper-cutting, drawing and toys, his most favorite act is riding bicycle, dancing and wave follow the rhyme.
He is sensitive, has the basic moral value and cares for younger kids. He loves to eat banana, dumpling, steamed bread, meat soup, he does not like sour food as orange. He gets along well with others, would correct his mistake in a positive attitude. He has routine life, good appetite, sound sleep, normal physical development. He is smart and sunny.
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Undescended testis
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