Child's Code: Daryl
Birth Date: 5/7/2005
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012:

We give Daryl rehabilitation training since admission through which he learned how to stand and walk by himself. Now, he walks steadily like average children. Currently, Daryl has graduated from rehabilitation and has special teaching classes. He is shy, but loves smile, he would sit down and watch other children play quietly. He is obedient and listens to teachers carefully. Influenced by the medical condition, his language development is delayed and he couldn’t speak so far and his intelligence develop is a little slower than average children. He can understand simple sentences adults say and follow to do some simple moves. Daryl loves to watch TV, he will turn to TV once he hear the sound of TV and watch TV. Daryl is friendly and polite. When he sees acquaintances, he would give them a sweet smile and looks happy.
Daryl has good physical quality and is seldom sick. He could have meals by himself with staple food of steam bread and noodles and snacks of eggs, vegetables, ham, fruits etc. Daryl likes to eat snacks, small bread, biscuits, shrimp chips are his favorite. He seems excited when we give out snacks. We hope Daryl could return to family as soon as possible, find his parents and grow happily.
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus, Impaired intelligence
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