Child's Code: Hershel
Birth Date: 11/17/2003
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From April 2011:

Hershal has received good care in the institute. The caretakers love this honest and lovely boy and he adapted to the life here very fast. He can get along well with the children here and will take two younger boys with him when he plays outside. They would play stones or hide and seek. The boys here call him big brother. In order to give him a better life and chance of education, the institute found a loving foster family for him. He grew and grew; now he is big boy. He felt he is different from other boys and was unwilling to go to school. Now he has good performance in school. His has ranks of the first or second in the class in academics. He respects teachers and gets on well with other children.
Medical Condition: Hypospadias
Contact Info: