Child's Code: Otto
Birth Date: 1/17/2004
Gender: Male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Nov 2011:

Otto is active, smart and brave. He can brush teeth, wash face, dress, fold quilt and learn to do things by himself. He can also tidy his own things simply and do things for the caretakers. He is adapted to the life in the institute. He can use his language to express his wills and needs. He can call out accurately the names of other students of the class. He knows how to address the teachers and caretakers of the institute. He can exchange with others initially and knows to get along well with others. In the special training class, he has learned a lot: big and small, squares, oblongs, circles or triangles. He can tell the basic colors and say the usage of common things. He knows there are 4 seasons in a year and knows to wash hands before dinner and changing clothes regularly. He can recite more 20 children’s songs and read more 20 poems. He has good performance desire and likes simple dances. The child has performed sign language performance on the stage of Children’s Day Party, which has aroused so much applauding and tears. He likes drawing, playing puzzles and playing games with other children. He is loving and is willing to help others. He is willing to be adopted by a foreign family.
Medical Condition: Abnormal Brain CT, Hydrocephalus, Vision problem
Contact Info: waitingchild