Child's Code: Aubrey
Birth Date: 6/1/2011
Gender: Female
*This child was formerly on the Shared List. *

From Dec 2013:
Aubrey suffered from nystagmus, congenital blindness, weak muscle force of both lower limbs.
Now she can take off the shoes, can roll over, can sit up; when happy she would giggle; when we change the diapers for her, the aunt’s finger touches her hands, and she would grasp the aunt’s finger, the aunt says “ Aubrey, get up please”; she would sit up; when she is cuddled, she would grasp the aunt’s clothes tightly and is afraid of falling down.
Now she can ride the wooden horse, and shake it; when she hears the music, she can turn her head to locate the direction of sounds; when the aunt feeds her, the aunt takes the spoon to her mouth, and she would be cooperative to open her mouth.
Presently she can have steamed egg, noodle and porridge; supplementary food including snacks and bread etc.
Aubrey is a clever little girl who has a ready smile. We hope that she is able to be adopted as soon as possible, have a happy family and father and mother who love her, grow up healthily and happily.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Nystagmus, Vision- blind
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