Child's Code: Sadie
Birth Date: 11/28/2004
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Dec 2012:

After admission Sadie received good care and had good mental development. She received the the repair of cleft uvula which was successful. She received the language rehabilitation training.
Physical development: good physical development, coordinate action, can run quickly, likes drawing, can use the color freely, can finish daily action, likes washing, patting ball, skipping, etc; but fine motion is poor.
Language and social ability: likes singing, can express well, can tell the small differences, can discuss with people, can speak her own opinions.
Studying condition: can finish addition and abstraction within 10, can recognize 100 characters.
Adaptation: can get along well with caretakers and kinds, can take care young children, can share things with people; at present go to full-time common primary school and can adapt school life.
Personality and hobbies: passionate, active, open, loving; like drawing, sensitive to color; like dancing and music, like imitating, often imitate dancing action on TV, occasionally has a temper and cries.

Note: Sadie is diagnosed with post-op cleft uvula and it is suspected that she has Marfan Syndrome
Medical Condition: Cleft palate
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