Child's Code: Carly
Birth Date: 5/26/2009
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was foremerly on the shared list*

From April 2012

At the first sight of Carly, we were impressed by her black eyes. Her eyes were big and black, which seemed to talk. As she grew up, we found her hair was beautiful, black and soft. Till now we do not cut her hair. The caretaker likes dressing her and do various hair style for her.

She likes smiling, especially when someone is talking with her and teasing her. When someone is hugging her, she is quiet and listening to adults’ talk, sometimes she touches the person’s face. She likes noisy, always turns her head to the sounds.

She received the surgery of meningocele and hydrocephalus. Now she is diagnosed as cerebral palsy and optic nerve atrophy. Her motion ability is poor and limbs are not powerful. She can turn over, can lie on the stomach, but can not sit. Additionally her mental development is delayed. She can not speak, just makes some unconscious sounds, she seems to dislike toys and not sensitive to the sounds.
Though she has lots of disadvantages, she is still a lovely and happy baby.
Medical Condition: Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Meningocele
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