Child's Code: Miya
Birth Date: 9/13/2012
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From May 2014

Miya is white and chubby, caught a cold, and recovered after having some medicine. She eats 60ml milk, general crying voice, her hands would hold for playing when on his bed. She can not talk right now, will cry loudly with “a a” sounds when hungry, and when the milk came, she kept staring it, and put it near her mouth, she would turn head to look for the soother. She strongly grabbed while her hands holding the bed, her head can leave the bed and be up straightly. She can roll over when being in her little crib. Even though her body is soft, she can be in the walker and play for a while. She loves playing with the toys that hanging on and bed or playing paper, and will tear up the paper into smashed. She would reach out to grab if she saw you got something in hand. When she is crying, she would stop and look at you in eyes when you called her nearby. She would grab you hands and would not let go when you reach out your hands to her, you would feel it is quite strong. She doesn’t like to smile usually, but if you teased on her face, she will open her mouth, very happy, it looks beautiful. She is not annoying, would fall into sleep when she is full, and play along when wake up.
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome
Contact Info: