Child's Code: Ingrid
Birth Date: 11/29/2004
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012

Ingrid grows tall. She could see glimmers and move along with people’s shadow, but still needs someone hold her when go upstairs or meet the obstacles. She was sent to the “Intelligence development class” by the nurses, although she couldn’t see, her language ability is good and likes to imitate. For example, she would follow teacher to call others’ names and follow to sing songs. But she couldn’t sing a whole sing in the rhyme with other children. Ingrid likes to drag others to play with her, turn around or take her to walk around.

Ingrid need to be feed by nurses, because of congenital eye disease, the nurse often knock the bowl with spoon so that Ingrid knows it is time to eat and follow the sound to walk to the nurse. She put normal snacks like cookies in the bowl with milk and yogurt to soak and eat with spoon instead of eating by herself. She still use diaper.

Ingrid is obedient and never lose temper. She wouldn’t mess around and be obedient when the nurses are busy. She is not afraid of strangers and could play with anyone. Her speaking speed is very fast, sometimes we couldn’t hear clearly. She learning things serious, we are glad to see her serious altitude and want to hug her. Mothers say Ingrid grows tall and gains some weight, they could hardly hold her.
Medical Condition: Absence of eyeball, Vision- cataracts
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