Child's Code: Anson
Birth Date: 5/17/2004
Gender: male
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From Aug 2012

Anson is 8 years old, his intelligence development is a little slower than average kids and his physical development is also delayed. He is outgoing and sweet, he says hello to acquaintances politely and pleasing.

Our institute carries out a special rehabilitation project and he is one student in this project. The happiest thing for him is having class with other children. Anson performs very well in the class and help other kids move chairs, follow teachers to draw and build blocks and play games with others. He will collect and put toys in order, try to help teachers to do something after class. He always got praise from teachers and love from others. After school, Anson likes to play with friends. His favorite game is slide and could play a long time up and down the slide. Anson is a diligent boy, he would open the door actively for the nurses if they have something in hands and take newspapers for the nurses.
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
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