Child's Code: Cason
Birth Date: 12/10/2007
Gender: Male
Description: *This chilad was formerly on the shared lsit*

From April 2015

Cason on admission doesn't like to be in the nursery, and always goes to the yard to play alone; he seems to not be familiar with the environment and the caretaker around him, and feels fairly alone. After a time, this child has great changes, and has a ready smile; he likes to play with other children in the nursery; his limbs development is the same as normal children; he has flexible hands and feet, can sit alone, stand alone, walk, go upstairs and downstairs, run, jump and use the elevator; sometimes his shoes are on the wrong feet. He is sensible; in the nursery, he can help the nannies to work, such as taking out the trash and helping the nannies to prepare the tableware for the disabled children; he is very extroverted, likes to play with other children at outsides, plays the slide, and plays the trampoline; when the nannies or the teacher play music for them to dance or play game with him, he enjoys; he is kind-hearted, when the children who have to use the wheelchair are playing, he can help to push the wheelchair, plays happily with sweet smiles; his language expression is not very strong; he only can say dad and mom and can express others by languages. He can express his own thoughts by simple gestures; if you are not familiar with him, you may not know what he wants to express; he has good temper and doesn't like to lose his temper or feel wronged and act rashly; when he grab the toy or food with other children, he can handle with them friendly; when his familiar friends and nannies call him, he would turn to smile at them for the first time. We tell him some simple reasons, he can understand, he is fairly mischevious, would make a small messes in the nursery; when he plays with other children, he would affect other children's learning.
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Developmental delays, Low Intelligence
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