Child's Code: Amara
Birth Date: 10/12/2009
Gender: Female
Description: *This child was formerly on the shared list*

From an advocate who met Amara in Nov 2016:

Amara is outgoing, hard worker. She loves to write numbers and letters in English, loves crafts and drawing, smiles often, curious, helpful, likes to repeat English phrases, sometimes a little mischievous. No noted difficulties with mobility or hearing. Amara loved helping the younger children put their shoes on and was always willing to help us clean up after an activity. She is a delightful child. Compared to other children in this orphanage, her health appears to be above average.

From April 2011

Amara is introverted, enjoys playing toys, and she is able to walk freely, go upstairs and downstairs, get a building block from a cup, and bang 2 blocks together. She could imitate words, speak 3-5 words, and respond when asking of her belongings. She uses thumbs and index fingers deftly and is able to pick up a pill with her thumbs and index fingers.

Amara is a quiet girl who is social. She is fond of imitating and listening to music. She has quick reaction, and she is energetic. She loves reading books and playing games. She loves being cuddled by caregivers the most. Since she is smart and lovely, everyone loves her and hopes she could find a family of her own to enjoy a happy and lovely family life facilitating her healthy development.
Medical Condition: Genital Malformation
Contact Info: